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The Project technology is designed by H&H (the ''H&H CTLU Process''). This process is predicated upon the proven FT Process which comprises a more efficient technology than that currently operated by Sasol in South Africa. The H&H CTLU Process will be deployed at a modular scale of 10,000bpd, requiring shorter Project timelines and less capital; therefore making it ideal for implementation in Mozambique.

The process incorporates key improvements that have been made to proven technology resulting in higher plant efficiency, less CO₂ produced, less carbon feed required and lower water dependency.

These improvements in FT Reactors & Process design have been successfully demonstrated by way of an operational plant in China whereby the reactors have been proven on a full commercial scale.

The H&H CTLU Process has an inherent cogeneration capability allowing multiple high value product streams namely Diesel, Urea and Electricity.


H&H CTLU™ Process

The main process sections include Gasification, Air Separation, Water Gas Shift, Gas Clean-up, FT Synthesis, Power Generation and Urea production. In addition, a hydro treatment process unit is included for the upgrading of synthetic crude product to zero-sulphur Diesel.

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