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Regius Synfuels' senior management team combines both significant technical and management skills including PhD's and MBA's and bringing together relevant work experience in the Synfuels Industry. The Regius Resources Group has also been operating in Mozambique since 2004.

Dr. Brendon Hausberger
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Hausberger, the Chief Executive Officer of Regius Synfuels and co-founder of H&H, obtained a PhD (Chem. Eng.) at the University of the Witwatersrand, as well as a Post Doctorate Degree at Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. His PhD research was in the field of process synthesis, where he developed methodologies for applying thermodynamics to various areas such as flow sheet and distillation column synthesis. Dr Hausberger is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow with IChemE. Dr Hausberger has wide ranging experience in the Synfuels industry. Amongst others, he worked as a consulting engineer for Sasol Synfuels where he was responsible for the overall modelling and optimisation of the Sasol Synfuels process as well as technical management and oversight on the reactor and process design for the Link Energy (ASX Listed) Chinchilla pilot plant. As co-lead member of the design team for H&H he was responsible for the development and oversight of the process component of the basic engineering package for the commercial implementation of the H&H CTL technology piloted while at the Centre of Material and Process Synthesis at the University of the Witwatersrand. Furthermore he was responsible for the oversight of the detailed engineering team for the implementation of the commercial operation. Dr Hausberger was instrumental in developing and proving the cutting edge H&H Fischer-Tropsch Technology as a modular and cost effective co-generation Synthetic fuels technology.

Mr. Christiaan Jordaan
Managing Director

Mr Jordaan holds a B.Com Law degree which he obtained from the University of Pretoria. Additionally he also completed the following Registered Person's examinations through SAIFM: Equity markets and Bond markets. Mr Jordaan is a qualified JSE (Securities exchange in Johannesburg) Compliance Officer. He started his career in financial services in 2007 and has operated at senior management level until July 2011, specialising in risk management. Inspired by his special interest in private equity, commodities and corporate finance Mr Jordaan co-founded the Regius Resources Group to focus on transactions and projects in the mineral and energy sector. Mr Jordaan is responsible for the day-to-day management of Regius Synfuels and specifically for all commercial aspects of the companies' CTLU project in Mozambique.

Dr. Simon Holland

Technical Director

Dr Holland, the Technical Director of Regius Synfuels and co-founder of H&H, obtained a PhD (Chem. Eng.) at the University of the Witwatersrand. His PhD research involved the development of shortcut techniques for the design and analysis of novel or complex distillation column configurations. Using maps of composition known as column profile maps (CPMs) a comprehensive understanding of the steady-state operations of various arrangements can be gained. A detailed design methodology for any configuration resulted from this work. Dr Holland performed post-doctoral research at Rutgers and Carnegie Mellon Universities in the USA. Dr. Holland has extensive experience in coal beneficiation and FT Synthesis based projects around the world. These projects include the technical assessment of gasification technologies for a CTL project for Anglo American, a techno-economic assessment of a proposed industrial development cluster, including liquid fuels, ammonia and urea synthesis, in Tanzania for the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the design of the Linc Energy UCG to liquids demonstration plant reactors and co-leads H&H's technology development. Dr Holland was instrumental in developing and proving the cutting edge H&H FT Technology as a modular and cost effective co-generation Synthetic fuels technology.

Mr Cobus van Wyk

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr van Wyk, the Non-Executive Chairman of Regius Synfuels and co-founder of the Regius Resources Group of Companies, obtained a Bachelor of Marketing at the Tshwane University of Technology in 1988 and completed his MBA at the University of Wales in 2003. He started his career in the financial industry and capital markets in the Bankorp Group in South Africa during 1988. He started work on the JSE in 1994 and is a qualified portfolio manager and stock broker. He was accepted as a Member of the JSE in January 1996 after completing his Stockbrokers Exam at the University of the Witwatersrand. He became a member of Safex during 1996 on the derivatives market. Since 1999 Mr van Wyk was involved in Corporate finance as part of his duties as a member of the JSE. Mr van Wyk has more than 23 years experience in the financial services industry which he is applying to the energy sector. Mr van Wyk has more than 9 years experience in mining and exploration ventures in Mozambique (tantalite & coal) as well as South Africa (platinum group metals)


Mr Felicio Zacarias

Chairman and Representative: Mozambique

Mr Felicio Zacarias is the Chairman and Mozambican representative of Regius Synfuels Mozambique. Mr Zacarias holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics. Mr Zacarias is a highly respected and prominent figure in the Mozambican business arena. Mr Zacarias was a Governor of three different provinces with the highlight of his career being appointed as Minister of Public Works in Mozambique. Following his tenure as Minister, Mr Zacarias allocated all his time to the private sector. Mr Zacarias has more than 30 years experience in doing business in Mozambique and is an invaluable asset to the Board of Directors of Regius Synfuels.


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